Once you are under contract on a home, you will need to work with a home inspector and perhaps other inspectors like well, septic etc. Learn more about each process, what you can expect, and why it matters. 

Before finalizing the sale of the home, you will have a period of time — typically referred to and stipulated in contracts as the due diligence period — to identify any areas of concern with the home. Once you have reviewed the report and are comfortable with any of the items listed, you can close on your home with greater peace of mind! 

Home Inspection 

The buyer will be responsible for hiring an inspector. In preparation for the inspection, you may request a disclosure statement from the sellers beforehand that will reveal any improvements done to the property, such as renovations and upgrades, for your inspector to review. 

You and your agent can meet with the inspector and walk through the home together. The inspector will work their way through a checklist, visually assessing the condition of the home. This process usually takes a couple of hours, so plan your schedule for that day accordingly — and don’t be afraid to ask the inspector questions! If you noticed anything that concerned you during previous walkthroughs of the home, ask for clarification. Once the inspector is finished, they will create a report detailing issues the inspector found, as well as information on what may need to be maintained or replaced in the future.